Our Story

We are Carrollton Design Build. We have “IT”! In the sometimes structured world of construction it is often difficult to determine exactly what the “IT FACTOR” is. Whatever the “IT FACTOR” is, Carrollton Design Build’s projects definitely have “IT”.

Whether it’s a new commercial or residential construction project, a full-scale interior or exterior renovation, an historic adaptation or reuse project, or even a small residential renovation or improvement, all of our projects have several common elements. They begin with a collaboration and a sharing of our exceptional vision; then we add in our keen and experienced eye for detail; mix in a talent for achieving the “WOW” factor; which equals a consistent record of achievement and exceeding our customer’s expectations. We at Carrollton Design Build, LLC stand ready to deliver an exceptional experience and are poised to create lasting impressions for all of our clients who desire their projects to have the “IT FACTOR”.

Please call us so we can show you how “IT’S” done!


A few words from our Founder Thomas C. Deignan,

“I was born in May of 1960. On my 5th birthday in the spring of 1965, my Parents bought me my first house, a log cabin. My Brother Frank and I commonly referred to it as “our fort” or fortress from my older Brothers. It was one of the happiest times of my life. Looking back, at that very precise moment in time, I somehow knew “Why” I was born and what I was destined to become. Buildings and architecture are likened to three-dimensional Art. I’ve spent my lifetime in an Apprenticeship devoted to this three-dimensional art that I love. Almost sixty years have past. Every project devoted to designing, collaborating, and building still makes me feel like I did on the day of my 5th birthday….filled with purpose and passion in fulfilling the reason “Why” I was born. In working with me and my company, I hope that this purpose and passion comes through and that I can somehow make you appreciate this three-dimensional art as much as I do.”

~Thomas C. Deignan

Our Team

Thomas C. Deignan: President

Maureen Wallace: Controller

Jerry Ditro: Project Estimator

Dan Seifert: Senior Project Manager

Brian Coyle: Senior Project Manager

Tom Budine: Project Manager

Bruce Bachman: Senior Project Superintendent

John Landwehr: Project Superintendent

Fred Machado: Project Superintendent

Joel Delligatti: Project Superintendent

Brandon Chiolan: Project Superintendent

Brian Leadley: Project Superintendent

Tai Deignan: Project Coordinator

Jennifer Landwehr: Project Administrator

Corporate Phone: 610 843 3000